Skegness Roads a disgrace

EDITOR - I would like every skegness motorist to go and have a look at the fantastic job the workmen of Lincolnshire County Council have made to the pavements around Seacroft Square.

This took them a number of weeks, continuing their work on to Saxby Avenue, Beresford Avenue and then onto Lincoln Road, where major footpath work is being carried out.

Then, turning left at the end of Lincoln Road towards Burgh, (be careful of the large pothole on the corner) drive past the railway station, round Berry way and to the end of Lumley Road. By this time I think it will be realised that the roads of Skegness are in a condition that would shame a third world country,

Why does the council think that footpath refurbishment is more important than the roads? Is this something to do with health and safety? As a pedestrian can sue? Do they not then feel responsible for wrecked tyres, wheels or suspension?

I would suggest that the person responsible for the roads comes down from their Ivory Tower to inspect the state of the roads.

As a keen cyclist covering up to 100 miles a week in and around Skegness, I suggest they also cycled, then they would realise how dangerous the roads are; somebody is going to be seriously killed or injured!

The best we can look forward to is when the roads are finally repaired. They, like the railway, will be done in the middle of summer at the convenience of us all.

SR Borrill

Lincoln Road