‘Skegness could do with more tourist and visitor attractions’

EDITOR - With regards to George McManus (letters, last week) a nationwide known construction company tells me an eight storey hotel on stilts could easily be build on the seafront at Skegness.

On the other hand, he is right about Skegness urgently needing new attractions.

Our boasted beach offers very little entertainment to visitors, not even a pleasure boat.

So, let’s start with a half-mile long landing stage, with guard-rails and seats on both sides. People love to relax above the sea.

The landing stage could be army style, a low cost structure, but safe and sound, giving pleasure to thousands.

Fisherman could have a special section at the end, and pleasure boats could tie up to the supports.

A roof could be added at a later stage, making it a floor for the second tier.

Then, let’s start bulldozing the town’s eyesore, South Parade, and build the new properties on stilts to ease the parking problem.

Councillors, start acting now.


Grimsby Road, Louth