‘Several questions posed over our felled woodland’

EDITOR - Following the story in the Spilsby Standard (regarding felled trees at a site at Northorpe Road, Halton Holegate), I am wondering what qualifications or experience Mr Damms (MCIAT) has in identification of diseases of trees?

A friend, who has NPCT qualifications, tells me that he thinks it would be a very strange disease that would affect such mixed species deciduous woodland in one fell swoop, and that he would need to consult an ‘expert’ about such a matter.

So far as any of us on Northorpe Road was aware, the trees (though admittedly the wood was in need of thinning out) were healthy before they were felled over the May Bank Holiday weekend of 2011.

Which leads me to the Forrestry Commission. If a disappeared wood, and healthy stumps surviving, on a 0.25 hectare site, were not ‘sufficient evidence to proceed’, what would be?

And why did no member of the ELDC Planning Committee (in addition to ignoring local feeling) ask any questions about all this?

Mrs H. J. Godfrey

Northorpe Road

Halton Holegate