‘Senior citizens still have plenty to offer society’

EDITOR - I read your article in the Standard, July 18, 2012 about us old people and it seems to me, that there could be a solution to getting rid of us.

I am only aged 76 years and yesterday passed my medical MOT and yet one is always reading articles, hearing it on the radio and watching TV discussions with never a solution as to what to do with us oldies.

Perhaps when one reaches 65 years old they should cut off our life support. The air that we breathe, pension, medicine, hobbies, eye tests, dental care, free bus passes, heating allowances and, possibly much more.

Alternatively one could place us oldies on an island where we are out of sight, out of mind, or put us in the closed down mental institutions to get on with our lives as best we can, or, may I suggest, prison, ah now that’s a thought!

I have tried to keep occupied during my retirement, but I am fortunate to be fit and agile. Some old folks do not have my good fortune, but the media from all sources persistently condemn us all as being a burden on the State which is so unjustified.

Perhaps the authorities should send us oldies to Switzerland for euthanasia. Any other suggestions?

I would respectively remind those youngsters of today that you will one day be my age tomorrow.


Lumley Crescent