‘Selfish’ drivers have ‘no regard’ for others

EDITOR - I refer to the letter ‘Parking stupidity must be stopped’ (in last week’s Standard).

The writer of the letter may be interested to know that Seathorne Primary School’s governing body and headteacher, in addition to having campaigns, have, for some considerable time been working with the Police and Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership to try and dissuade drivers from parking in the zig-zag area outside the school.

The police have visited the area on a number of occasions but when an officer is not present a small minority of drivers go back to parking in the zig-zags.

There is no excuse.

Drivers who do it are selfish individuals whose actions show that they have no regard whatsoever for the safety of the children.

Despite the best efforts of parents, children can suddenly dash into the road – it only takes a moments inattention. If you are parked in the zig–zags your car will probably block the view of other drivers of that child running into the road. You considerably reduce the chances of the driver being able to stop in time.

Do those who park so selfishly want the death of a child on their conscience?

Peter Tong

Seathorne Primary School Chair of Governors