Scrap outdated caravan law

EDITOR - Regarding the extension of caravan park seasons, we and most caravan sites are all for this ‘out of date’ law to be moved.

As for surgeries and doctors etc, they all cope well in full season! And also a lot of owners still stay in reach of these during winter time, so they are still being used.

If there is an issue surrounding our payments of council tax people should be aware that we actually pay for 10 months, so why not 12? We already pay our TV licences for a year!

When it comes to issues regarding flooding, just how many sites have been flooded over the last 30-40 years? How many councillors have stayed in caravans that have been made in the last 10 years? Most have double glazing and central heating. They are warmer than most houses! Also the double units are better than many houses. And what’s more, most caravans are at least a foot off the ground - not like most houses.

If people have an issue with the policing of sites then perhaps they should realise that sites still have security in the winter. Also, surely more people living on it would mean less break-ins with more people keeping an eye on each other’s caravan and property?

If this was the case, then there would be less vandalism. I suggest that councillors or people with issues should come and have a look at sites for themselves and speak to the caravan owners.

High Gate Park

Caravan owners