Scooter thieves on the prowl in Chapel

EDITOR – I Live in Chapel st Leonards and I am a carer for my partner.

His scooter was parked in the front garden at 10.40pm on Sat Aug 13, I heard a click from outside and I put the outside light on and there was a guy about 50, bald headed, plumpish and he ran off.

He had taken the cover off and removed the charger and was ready to wheel it off two a white lotus van that he had parked outside an unoccupied house two doors away.

We were lucky you may not be.

I think it is some sick person taking advantage of disabled people and knowing the business, they know how important these scooters are to disabled people and to take from one, to sell.

To another, it is just to sick for words, he must be caught and sent to justice.

Please report any happenings to the police. Thank you.


Chapel St Leonards