‘Sandy paths even worse over winter’

EDITOR - Mae Carter should thank her lucky stars she isn’t here in January, then she would find out what a real pain in the neck the sands on the walkways are!

Most of the walkways from Winthorpe to Chapel are affected, making them impassable for disabled scooters.

This is all happening because of the Environment Agency having the brilliant idea of building the beach up to the level of the sea defences.

They say that this is the most efficient way of preventing flooding, but I look at it this way - if you ride a motorcycle flat out on the beach towards the land, which is going to stop you better, the gently sloping beach, or the solid concrete sea defence walls that have been there for decades?

Have a thought also for the people that live in the houses that look out to the sea in Winthorpe, who have the never ending job of having to clear sand from their back gardens all year round, with no help from the authorities (unless they pay for it of course).