‘Sand dredging money would be far better spent on physical sea defences in the area’

EDITOR - An estimated 7,550 homes have a one in 75 chance of flooding from the sea.

I would like to know who is to blame for this?

The ABI state without any long term solution from the government home owners in this area will struggle to get flood insurance when the voluntary flood agreement ends in 2013.

The Environment Agency spends £6 million a year dredging sand off the sea bed to replenish the beach, as they say, to stop flooding. It cost £85 million in five years to do this with a ship from South Africa.

This is government money and it is a complete waste. Surely they could have built more defences. It cost £1 million to build Lagoon Walk, which is a flood defence.

The Environment Agency could have done the same sort of thing along the coast with the £85 million they spend putting sand on the beach.

And insurance companies will always want more but moan when they have to pay out. Don’t forget it is our money they are spending.

It also wants to be remembered that building static homes on flood plains and also nearer to the sea is increasing the risk.

But if there is an earthquake or any other disaster in any country this government will send millions to them, yet if we get it they will give us nothing.


Dorothy Avenue