‘Rubbish trouble could be tackled’

EDITOR - I would like to express my annoyance at the insinuation that Skegness residents do not have pride in their town.

I have lived here for just 12 years and feel a great pride in the friendliness and welcoming attitude local people have towards visitors.

But where I do feel everyone is being let down is with the local traders, caravan site owners, and entertainment suppliers that reap the rewards of the high influx of visitors and in comparison give little back in the way of providing bins and staff to clean outside their premises or extra cash towards the local council for street cleaning.

The other gripe I have is dog owners, who for reasons unknown refuse to clean up their dogs’ mess.

I live on a local lane where in the summer at least 10 cars per day pull up and let their dogs out on local tracks, often following in their cars so they can relieve themselves without the owner having to clean up after them.

In the winter we hardly see a soul on there.

We also get lots of caravan related rubbish dumped in the dykes and hedgerows when the tip is only three to five minutes away.

The biggest problem is the fast food packaging thrown from car windows along our lanes when the holiday season starts.

It’s easily identified as to where it’s from but as to who threw it out is impossible to know unless they are seen and reported.

The council could also do more. We had a litter pick a few years ago to get rid of all this rubbish, and all the local people came out and helped pick the lane and dykes with several bags collected, and a trip to the tip was needed.

When the rubbish was taken to the tip we were told they would have to charge us for taking it there as it wasn’t domestic, so we haven’t done another litter pick day since.

We now inform the local parish council, who are very good, and get it removed as soon as possible, but they only take the big stuff because they don’t have the time or money to have men cleaning rubbish from lanes.

As for the town, I think more could be done by everyone just by reporting any rubbish to Skegness Town Council, so they can get an idea of the scale of this problem.

Because the odd letter doesn’t get much of a response these days due to finances and resources.


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