RNLI volunteers go out in all weathers to save lives

EDITOR - Can someone tell me if Peter Green is on the right planet? How he condemns Skegness is beyond me.

First of all, he said that lifeboatmen should put families first. Well, I will tell him they are all volunteers and go out in all weather to save lives, all their families are worried when they go out to sea.

They are not selfish, they work hard to keep holidaymakers and people at sea safe.

Secondly, he states that Skegness councillors should wake up to parking on Dorothy Avenue. He is wrong again.

The leader of East Lindsey District Council and also Lincolnshire County Council both live in Louth, where Peter Green comes from.

They spent millions on a leisure centre, it is losing £47,000 a month. A lot of that money would or should have gone to Mablethorpe or Skegness then we would not have the problems he complains about.

But no, Peter Green’s town had the benefit while we go without. Remember the 2007 floods in Louth, if it had not been for RNLI a lot of people would have been stranded.

It’s time for Peter Green to shut up or see the leader of ELDC who lives in Louth.


Dorothy Avenue