‘Resignation not taken lightly’

EDITOR - I respond to a letter from Colin Davie that was printed in our Standard last Wednesday.

The present economic climate has forced quite a few businesses to review their positions and take all steps necessary to ensure survival.

Our town is no different from any other and when our councillor realised she could not give both her business and her duties as councillor the effort and time they each demanded she did the honourable thing and resigned.

Our residents may not be aware that councillors are required to attend just one meeting in any six-month period and Councillor Bishop could have achieved that, however, that would not have been fair, or just, and would have been against some pretty basic Labour Party beliefs.

We find Councillor Davie’s remarks about a fellow Councillor somewhat offensive.

To jump from a genuine and honest reason for resignation to stating that a councillor “was not prepared to serve the people of Skegness” is quite a quantum leap!

The people of Skegness have not elected Councillor Davie onto our Town Council and that may be the reason he does not know that Mrs Bishop did not take her decision lightly.

I sincerely hope that the people of Winthorpe insist that the seat vacated by Mrs Bishop be taken up by a Labour Candidate and so achieve a status quo.


Chairman of Skegness and Wainfleet Labour Party.