‘Recycling cuts make no sense’

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EDITOR - What are some of those who represent out community thinking about when they make horrendous decisions like once again cutting back on the opening hours of our recycling centre in Skegness and leaving it open only from Friday to Monday.

The government’s green waste policy, I allege, is to become the top country in Europe for recycling waste - what a great effort this change will make towards that end.

The people around our area welcomed the longer opening hours after campaigning many years to have these types of centres.

Everyone was pleased to see them because of the fly-tipping which takes place all over the area and which was making our town such a mess.

The centre is now a credit to both the management and staff who work this site on our behalf.

The council department who are responsible for making this decision openly state that they have saved the centres from closing by reducing the hours they are open and thus reducing the working hours of the staff to save money. What if the fly-tipping starts up again, and I am sure it will? We could be paying more in the long run to clean that mess up around our town.

The site in Skegness could not be better than at present, as it is very clean and the staff couldn’t be more helpful.

I am disabled and need people like those working there at present to help me unload.

I would ask the people responsible for cutting the hours of the staff and opening times to think again about their decision.

Do not let us lose the people working there, who may be forced to leave because of loss of wages.


Merrills Way