‘Real’ jobs will get economy moving

EDITOR – So... the chairman of the Skegness Conservative Party still believes the Labour Party is responsible for the debt our country is in?

Believes, does he, that the financial woes of the world were to do with the Labour Party and nothing to do with the incompetence, and the oft times cavalier attitude, of the world’s bankers?

Does he also believe Osbourne’s assertion of a year ago, when we had a AAA rating, that we were ‘on the brink of bankruptcy’? Does he still believe the rhetoric that the private sector will provide hundreds of thousands of jobs when the public sector workers have had their wages replaced by unemployment benefit?

Would it then be a surprise to him to learn that the accepted prediction for the end of this parliament is that we will be in a worse debt situation than when his party took over?

I get the feeling that he is not terribly well informed. Perhaps he will now agree that is it time to stop the blame game?

May I suggest that his party give up their ideological pursuits? Could he point out to his party if they would acknowledge and accept that the vast majority of the people of this country are the ’workers’ and, by definition, the ones that produce the money; if his party would put class aside and realise that without the industrious workers there is no money and therefore no dividends.

Without work, nobody buys, nobody sells and the economy sinks. If he want ‘clear up the mess’ I suggest he tells his leader to truly stimulate the economy.

Stop the rhetoric, get some real jobs and get people back to work now – before, by the hand this Government, the debt situation worsens.

B Futers

Gleneagles Drive, Skegness