READER LETTER: What a lack of respect over sperm whales


I am writing in regard to the beached sperm whales on Skegness beach.

It has been a great disappointment to me to see how these magnificent animals have been treated, at the hands of both the general public and the authorities involved.

These truly spectacular animals were left with little more than tape protecting their bodies over the weekend.

As a result they have been drawn on and defaced.

It is beyond my comprehension how somebody could behave in such a disrespectful manner towards these creatures.

More to the point, I am confused as to how this has been allowed to happen.

These animals are very rarely seen. They are not kept in captivity anywhere in the world and never have been, meaning 99 per cent of humans will never see such a creature in the flesh.

And when they do get the once in a lifetime opportunity ... they draw on it.

What type of person behaves like that? To treat such a magnificent creature with such low regard.

On Monday, the animals were cut open by biologists with a chainsaw, for all the public to see, resulting in graphic and horrific images on social media.

Could they not have provided a tent, before performing the autopsy, instead of having their insides all over the beach, left in a pool of blood?

Do they not deserve to be treated with dignity even in death? I feel more should have been done to protect the whales’ remains by the local authorities.

An autopsy should have been done under cover and away from the public eye.

The opportunity to draw on and deface these animals should not have been given.

Images of sawn-off jaw bones should not have been seen. The animals’ remains should not have been on display.

A more humane way of disposing of these creatures should have been found.

It has been an absolute tragedy to see such numbers stranded on our local beaches, a record number, I believe.

So if you happen to be blessed enough to come across one of these magnificent creatures, feel sad, yet grateful.

Don’t draw on it, appreciate it, honour it and show some respect.

Susan Bailey

via email