‘Railway needed more parking’

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EDITOR - It staggers me that the new part of the railway station has been took up by seating and other useless objects.

Out of season, who is going to use the seating? The local drunkards and druggies that’s who!

Why oh why is Skegness railway station still the only main station without a car park?

Even Wainfleet station has a car park for goodness sake!

Its a joke when you go in a car to pick someone up or drop someone off, the front of the station is full of taxis and the side is supposed to be for employees only.

What about people who work in Boston? What if the roads are too snowy and they wanted to go on the train? Where do they park?

It’s yet another daft idea thrust on the town by somebody who has no clue what the town needs.

Steve Lawrence

Lady Matildas Drive