Put politics in perspective

Editor - Chris Pain’s letter of fantasy politics should be viewed in perspective. Ramsey Town Council is similar to Skegness, it has few powers and relies on District and County Councils to deliver services.

His claim that Ramsey has invested in new highways infrastructure is misleading.

Blaming someone else when in power, is one of the things that turns people off politics. Under UKIP, council tax in Ramsey has gone up and if you go online and read letters in local papers around Ramsey, the residents lot is a very unhappy one.

Andrew Gilligan, the famous journalist who exposed Tony Blair’s lies over weapons of mass destruction, recently did an analysis of UKIP policies and he wrote, “ It’s debateable whether the Tories, or any other party of government, could match UKIP’s parade of voter-pleasing fantasy policies.”

“At the last election, the party pledged to spend an extra £15.5 billion a year on prisons, defence, transport, food schemes and nuclear power stations, plus further unspecified sums on raising child benefit and state pensions, reintroducing student grants and free eye tests, whilst phasing out employers’ National Insurance and axing all the higher rates of Income Tax.

All this, UKIP alleges, can be paid for by ending Britain’s contributions to the EU - which, even by the party’s own account, are only £10 billion a year. UKIP would also “return” all those illegally in the UK, to their country of origin, including “all EU citizens who came to Britain after 1st January 2004”, unless they applied for leave to remain. That is about two million people and would require a logistical exercise unparalleled since Stalin’s Russia.

Gilligan’s analysis of UKIP nationally and the fantasy policies they hold, can clearly be matched to Mr. Pain’s local fantasy politics. UKIP are already making ludicrous promises locally, that they can never deliver on .

In addition of course, a vote for UKIP will put Ed Milliband into Downing Street so he can then sign over whatever powers we still have as a nation, to the European commission.

Colin Davie

Deputy Chairman

Boston & Skegness