Pushchair ‘menace’

EDITOR - There is not one nice thing left when trying to walk down the pavement of Lumley Road, Skegness, and it’s definitely safer to walk on the road.

Ignorant young mothers charge out of shops with their pushchairs, straight into one’s legs, or they will stop abruptly in front of you to bend over their child and puff smoke into its face.

Electric chairs should be fitted with clickers so that everyone is aware of their noiseless speeding and often nasty drivers.

As for female shop assistants, more and more are prepared to offer you a free gift as soon as you enter their premises, with a dirty, wet sneeze straight into your face.

Employers must insist they always use handkerchiefs.

It’s time the police stopped cycling on all pavements, and our weak magistrates dealt firmly with many nasty, foul-mouthed cyclists of both sexes.

Try telling them to get off their bike!

The three large signs of Welcome to Skegness should be instantly changed to read ‘Warning, you are entering Skegness, turn back’.


Grimsby Road