‘Proven right on the Euro’

EDITOR - Through the letters column of your newspaper, I warned, prior to the 1975 referendum, that the electorate were unwittingly voting about “bending Britain” (as the hard-core in favour phrased it) into a single country called Europe.

I was accused of scaremongering, (the accusers thus indicating that the objective was not desirable), by those who cynically deceived the electorate into believing that it was simply all about trade.

The deceit was so effective that, for many, the penny did not drop for decades.

Come the proposed introduction of the Euro, I similarly warned that the stresses created would be too great to hold the Eurozone together and that economic chaos would ensue.

It would seem that I have been proved totally correct in both instances.

Surely the question must arise as to why the political establishment, with all its resources, came to such erroneous conclusions.

Of course, it is in the UK’s best interest to have trading partners who can buy our goods and services.

I would suggest that this would be best achieved by a well planned and amicable discontinuation of the Euro, with each country returning to its own currency, not an unruly political fight against what presently seems the most desirable economic course.

Since writing the above, it was reported on the BBC that those trying to manipulate Europe into a single country realised that that ambition would be frustrated by the collective will of the European peoples.

The response was, therefore, to introduce monetary union that they knew would not work.

Their next pre-planned argument was to claim only political union would then make the monetary union work. Does anybody get the impression that we are being manipulated?