‘Proud to be from Skegness and its high placing is earned’

EDITOR - Could someone tell me who Peter Green is and what he stands for?

He has stated people who get into trouble in the sea, in his words, “let them die and the lifeboats should not go out to these fools”.

He stated that he had meat with maggots in it but did not say where he got it from; he commented on parking in Dorothy Avenue; and he now complains of pushchairs on Lumley Road, shop employees coughing and sneezing in his face, and also electric wheelchairs.

He also says the signs to Skegness should be changed to ‘turn back’. If that is the case, why doesn’t he go back to Louth where he comes from?

I am proud of Skegness and there is nothing wrong with the people if you treat them with respect they deserve.

Also, on a bit of a good thing to come out of Skegness, it was voted fourth in holiday destinations and the council workers who have kept the resort clean, this is down to the management of the cleaning team.


Dorothy Avenue