Potholes and closures are more important than Europe

EDITOR - The economy is in recession, NHS is in crisis, shops and hotels in Skegness are closing, so I fail to understand why Coun Milner and his Tory colleagues are ‘banging on’ about a referendum and Europe. Europe comes way down in respect of people’s concerns.

David Cameron has been forced to promise a referendum to placate his divided party and this is also an attempt to halt the Conservative vote haemorrhaging to the United Kingdom Independence Party. This ‘promise’ will only come into effect ‘if’ he wins the 2015 general election.

Might I suggest our county councillors address problems nearer to home?
For example we have thousands of potholes in and around Skegness - this is not a recent phenomenon, it has been caused by a total lack of investment over many years, and now Coun Milner is claiming the work will be done by Easter.

I believe it was last August/September that he told us the money had been made available for these road repairs, so why now? Why has it taken so long?

I’ve just heard Coun Milner say that we must get this work done so as not to turn away visitors.

I agree and we all know that tourists are important to the lifeblood of the town, but if the money was there why was it not done 

I hope this timing has nothing to do with the forthcoming county council elections.

Ray Beardsley

Finisterre Avenue,