‘Pothole problem is in hand’

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EDITOR - I feel I must respond to S R Borrill’s letter (about potholes) that appeared under Readers’ View on 20 March.

Mr Borrill will be pleased to know that I visited Skegness on 31 January, at the request of two Skegness County Councillors – Cllr Ken Milner and Cllr Mark Smith.

All the issues to which Mr Borrill alludes are well known to us, and the majority are already in hand.

The recent atrocious weather has had a profound effect on all the roads in the county, but we have additional funding to put things right as soon as we possibly can.

Please bear with us because the continuing cold and wet conditions do not allow road surfacing work and pothole filling to the standard which both Mr Borrill and 
the County Council will accept.

I should add that footway repairs are from a separate budget.

Cllr William Webb

Lincolnshire County Council