Post Office and pothole problems

Editor - There were a couple of articles in our Standard last week that I just couldn’t ignore.

First, there is our main Post Office. I know Beales must have some kind of evacuation plan in place, but, has anyone taken into account the vastly increased traffic to the first floor and made allowances for the likelihood of the extra people that may have mobility concerns?

Not just the infirm but also wheelchair users and carers and mums with young children.

We are always being told not to use lifts in an emergency and so far as I can see the only other way down is the one staircase that ‘wraps around’ the lift shaft.

Can Beales or Post Office Ltd confirm that our fire brigade have checked and approved the latest evacuation plan?

As for the potholes. It’s all well and good for our two county councillors to smile out of our newspaper and ask us to keep reporting the potholes.

It’s true that more recently the pavements have become a serious problem but the holes in the roads have not ‘just’ appeared, they have already been there far too long.

Years of neglect and doing the job on the cheap is what’s wrong with our roads.

In daylight the A52 from Boston to Skegness is treated as one long chicane (oncoming traffic allowing) but at night time without street lighting some stretches are nothing short of dangerous, a fatality waiting to happen.

The atrocious weather in 2009 started the more recent damage, it is now 2013, what we need is action, not inferior quick fixes and vague promises of money.

Brenda Futers



Labour Party