‘Please show support at wind farm inquiry’

EDITOR - The Anderby wind farm Inquiry reopened on Tuesday 28 (yesterday) in the Anderby Village Hall at 9.30am.

The Anderby Wind Farm Action Group (AWAG) wish to thank all who have helped with donations and fund raising to allow us put the case for the community to the Inquiry Inspector.

The proposed site has caused concern to many, the visual impact due to the height and distance from the community is disturbing and they would be in an area that has been designated a coastal country park.

The view from the Wolds looking down to the coast over the coastal country park would have the large turbines providing a massive visual impact.

Already the turbines at Croft, another six are expected to be asked for, and Mablethorpe can be seen as well as the vast fields of turbines off shore from Skegness.

If the Anderby turbines are built it fills in the space that is the Coastal country park in an area that generations visiting consider unique. Indeed Melvin Grosvenor in the Standard the other week warned of the “onslaught of industrialisation” that will change the Lincolnshire landscape.

The cumulative effect will be enormous and many of the Anderby wind farm group have been asked by visitors why? Why at Anderby, why spoil that area of coastline between Chapel St Leonard’s and Sandilands so loved by all who visit and live in the area.

The community living in and around the site will have to encounter the huge turbines every time they look across the fields or up to the Wolds, views treasured by residents and visitors alike.

Also when arriving from the Wolds the spread of turbines will be disheartening. Indeed for many in the community when they look out of their windows, step outside their homes or go for a walk, to the beach, bird hide or just through the village they will not fail to see the turbines looming above them.

If you have the time come along and support us during the Inquiry.

Tony McGrath,


Anderby Windfarm Action Group.