Perhaps lifeboat men should put families first

EDITOR - Pat Phillips’ attack on me in last week’s Standard has backfired.

Scores of people have approached me, stating they will now support medical research charities, and not lifeboats.

Her pen failed miserably to mention the terrible situation of blue light ambulances being held up in Dorothy Avenue, because of parked vehicles on both sides of this road.

It’s time for Skegness councillors to wake up and bring in ‘no waiting’ to stop this life-threatening situation.

Ms Phillips’ second letter referred to the new traffic island in Burgh Road.

Her onslaught words “where does common sense come into it?” should have been used regarding obstructed blue light ambulances and lifeboats.

Is she saying ‘breadwinners’ should risk their lives for nutters?

Perhaps lifeboat men should think again and put their family first.


Grimsby Road