‘Pedestrian plans will damage shops’

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EDITOR - I would like to know if rumours are true as regards to the pedestrianisation of Lumley Road, because if they are, it would mean a lot of shops and small businesses would go out on a limb, leaving the larger shops to carry on regardless.

Only those who are members of the chamber of commerce. Everyone else would go to the wall.

We all know when they did the same thing with High Street (known as chip pan alley) a lot of shops moved and were never seen again, and to do the same with Lumley Road would be a disaster.

It’s bad enough now with high rents and rates on what they have to pay out, also not counting the problem with traffic onto other roads.

We all know the chamber of commerce would like this to happen, for their sake and not other people.

I wonder who is pulling the strings on this one. I would bet 10/1 I would like to guess who.

It’s about time we let Skegness people have their say and feelings about this.


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