Parking stupidity must be stopped

EDITOR - I am a parent with a child at Seathorne School Winthorpe, Skegness.

And I will start by saying that it is a first class school with teachers and staff to match.

But this letter is not about the school - this is more about the small number of parents who drop off or park in the zig-zag area outside the school.

This is a no-stop zone during school times and is signed from both directions. So why is it a small number of parents drop off and park in this area on a daily basis when most park in a sensible place with consideration for the people who live in the area?

I will say that some have no consideration for the people who live in the area and block drives and park up to junction from all directions.

They just need to think. Would they like it if someone blocked their drive or who parked the way they do where they live? I think not.

But this is more about the parents who have no consideration for the safety of all the other pupils and parents who attend the school and use the zig-zag area for dropping off and parking.

Just last year this kind of stupidity nearly resulted in a pupil being knocked down.

So do we wait for some parent grieving a death because of you? Or do we put a stop to it now?

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