‘Outraged at £1.2m seafront plan’

EDITOR - This week I have been outraged by the plans which have been released for the new attraction planned on Skegness’ sea front and baffled by the so-called enthusiasm and support for it.

My belief is that people in Skegness have become so eager to see investment that they’re willing to settle for something which looks to me from miles away as one of the biggest wastes of £1.2 million and has the potential to become an eyesore over the coming years.

I have recently been doing a project for the University of Nottingham studying the seasonal economy experienced in Skegness by its residents and businesses so I’m well aware of the need to do something which will attract visitors all year around and do likewise in creating jobs.

But I’m of the firm belief that this proposal is categorically not the answer and I’m desperate to see someone give an explanation as to how this will bring in tourists in the winter.

My belief is that there would be a lot more success achieved by creating a more all - purpose area where out of season events such as a Christmas Market could be held, something which might actually bring money into the town when it is cold and has been a popular idea amongst the local residents I have spoken to.

Whether we like it or not people do not want to come to British seaside towns in the winter and if they do it’s highly unlikely to be the result of a desire to engage in activities they would do in the summer.

So thinking people will flock to an undercover area on the seafront when there’s a biting wind coming off the North Sea in the middle of January is something which is seriously misguided and in my opinion destined for failure.

Hope I’m wrong, but fear I won’t be.

James Vickers