‘One rule for all when dishing out parking fines’

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EDITOR - Lidl have introduced a camera system that photographs and records all vehicle registration plates that enter and leave the Lidl car park in Skegness.

Clear signs are posted throughout the car park warning of a fine if you overstay the time limit.

Anyway, due to being taken ill in town recently, my car was eight minutes late being removed from the car park - resulting in me receiving a fine of £90 (or £45 if I paid promptly).

I didn’t contest it, I knew I was in the wrong so paid up my £45.

I would appreciate if Lidl woudl confirm through the Skegness Standard if they followed up on issuing and collecting fines from the travellers who recently pitched up in their car park (see Skegness Standard’s August 15 edition - ‘Travellers cause issue in bus park’).

Please don’t tell me that the cars were not registered with the DVLA. After all, rules and fines apply to all.