Not to be taken too seriously

EDITOR - I am not sure what points Malcolm Gabbitas is trying to make in his letter to the Standard, as after opening with a crude and unconstructive remark his arguments seem somewhat muddleheaded.

On the one hand he defends Skegness, rightly praising its beaches and sea, but on the other he attacks East Lindsey District Council for its shortcomings and failure to invest in the town.

Anyone writing a book (and it is only one person’s opinion after all) is not going to know the local politics and can only write about what they see and experience.

If, as Mr Gabbitas believes, ELDC is at fault for how Skegness appears, then he can hardly complain if that is reflected in a guide book.

Skegness is never going to be associated with year-long high culture, as it is what it is. Yes there is the SO Festival, which is a great initiative, but it is only on for three days.

The events co-ordinator at Grand Central states there will be various festivals occurring in the future, which is good news, but they haven’t happened yet.

With regards to Louth’s new leisure centre, why shouldn’t other areas within ELDC receive funding? Mablethorpe is badly in need of investment.

Mr Gabbitas then goes on to criticise the Bolas, saying their property should be taken off them.

Actually, it is a bit difficult to know exactly what argument he is making here as it’s been so badly edited - indeed the Standard is full of typographical errors every week.

I do not know what the Bolas have done to deserve the sinister seeming opprobrium that appears to be heaped upon them on a regular basis.

I doubt anyone will take what Lonely Planet says too seriously, and nor should we take Mr Gabbitas’ letter seriously either.