Not happy at state of beach

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EDITOR - I have had a caravan at Ingoldmells for about five years now and regularly go for walks in the area along the seafront.

I am very concerned about the poor cleanliness of the Ingoldmells beach from the Point to near Butlins.

I understand some people are idle, not taking their rubbish back to the caravan site, or even to one of the many bins on the seafront.

I understand the beach is now owned by Joe’s Bar at Ingoldmells Point, and the beach has become very untidy in the last few months. I think their idea of cleaning just amounts to emptying the bins on the seafront.

I am fetching some relations down, later this month, from abroad. I just hope they don’t want to go on the beach, as I will not know what to say to them.

Whenever I have been abroad, the beaches are kept spotless; but it is not something that happens in England and moreso at Ingoldmells.

If you are in a tourist area, surely you need to attract visitors there, especially in hard times we are having now?

Do you seriously think that with the beach in such a poor state of cleanliness it looks welcoming?

I wonder what the local councillors think of the area. I know some of the local traders aren’t impressed either.

Come on, Joe’s Bar, sort it out!