‘Musical Theatre night was wonderful’

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EDITOR - A wonderful evening’s entertainment was enjoyed by the parents and friends of the Janice Sutton Theatre School’s senior pupils, who performed a Musical Theatre Review Night at the Grand Central recently.

The main purpose fo the show was to give these talented young people the opportunity to show that, as well as being proficient dancers, they have another side, in that they have individual stage skills, inclusnig singing and acting, which they study.

This resulted in a delightful show with excellent performances individually, and as a team.

Monologues and soliloquies were given with clarity, excellent timing and maturity and the musical numbers were sung with emotion and expression.

Needless to say, the students’ appearance matched their performances!

The finale of this slick show took the form of excerpts from ‘Blood Brothers’, with the whole team giving faultless performances.

All gave touching and convincing performances.

The finale was superb in every way and a fitting climax to a delightful show presented, as usual, with panache.

Credit must be given, not only to the very hard working students, but to their teachers and coaches.

During the show one had to keep reminding oneself of the young age of these performers who are now studying for their ‘Professional Diploma in Musical Theatre’. They are certain to do well.

The show is worthy, very worthy, of a repeat performance. Please give other members of the public the opportunity to see this lovely show.

Congratulations Janice, you’ve done it again.


Church Road