‘MP’s health links are sickening’

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EDITOR - It makes me vomit, that our Conservative MP Mark Simmonds has now stated that he receives £400 an hour as an advisor to Circle health.

It’s ironic that his government are telling people we have to tighten our belts, when a lot of people don’t even get £8 per hour.

He states he has not broken any rules but can he tell people who are losing their jobs, also the doctors and nurses who don’t get anywhere near his hourly rate.

How can he say he supports the NHS when if he was ill he’d go private.

Yes, Boston hospital is in a mess, but if that money was spent at the hospital, things may get better.

Remember, there is a rule for the rich and one for the poor. The Conservative government could not care less.

If this is David Cameron’s fair society, God help the poor!


Dorothy Avenue