Move car boot sale to the car park if we are to avoid Chapel roads woe

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EDITOR - Your publication will be pleased to note that, unlike the local councillors of Chapel St Leonards, the police do read your newspaper.

Further to my publication on the April 27, I visited the car boot sale last Saturday morning to find two members of the police force doing the same.

The effect of this was that no vehicles were parked on the double yellow lines and drivers could pass the village hall without keeping their fingers crossed they would not hurt anyone crossing the road at blind spots.

It was kind of the police to attend, but let’s remember this was not a holiday weekend, so it will be interesting to see if there is a presence at the next bank holiday and the summer holidays, when traffic will be heavier.

Isn’t it annoying that our so called local politicians, who pleaded for our votes last Thursday did not respond to my criticism and come out and agree with me in your paper? They possibly had other things on their minds.

So here is one for them to discuss: to avoid our police having to attend this Saturday morning turmoil, as they have far more important work to do than attend car boot sales, why not move the car boot to the car park behind the Spar shop, then the ignorant car drivers who disobey the law, can park their vehicles in safety?

Also, remove the bollards preventing drivers entering the car park from the village side opposite the Vine Hotel, and make the entrances enter and leave.

This would avoid congestion entering and leaving.

Easy when you are not a councillor to think of these things.

Maybe if you have a vested interest, it is not so easy.


Chapel St Leonards