Memories of Model Yacht Pond

Skegness model yacht pond.
Skegness model yacht pond.

I see the low wall that contained the water for the model yacht pond in Skegness has finally been demolished, to make way for what I believe is a go-kart track.

Model yachts were very popular from Victorian times onwards and Skegness wanted to be part of the fashion.

So the pond was constructed in 1930.

Men as well as boys sailed and raced model yachts, and some quite technical steering mechanisms were designed so they could hold a steady course.

Radio control was only a dream in the early days.

The Round Pond in Kensington Park was the home of the Blue Ribband Club and the racing competition was so strong gentlemen employed professional skippers to win for them.

No wonder then, that before the days of iPods and mobile phones and the like, boys wanted to sail their own boats. I was one of them in the 50s.

My favourite aunt was a nurse at Crowtree Home, and at that time Skegness had a first aid post across the prom from the yacht pond.

My aunt Ivy often manned this post as a volunteer and I spent many summer days with her in Skegness.

I was bought a model yacht and spent most of my time over at the pond. I was banned from Funland!

Was it really always Sunny then?

I remember there was a little dome-shaped hut near the pond and yachts could be hired. The sign read: ‘Model yachts for hire. Sixpence per hour’.

I have since collected a number of photographs of the pond’s early years and remember it with many fond memories.

I still have my first little boat - a bit rusty on the keel, but she still sails well.

John Brookes

Brooke Field

Main Road