Local dance troupe outshines London

EDITOR – Having seen Strictly Gershwin in London’s West End on Wednesday, I was in a great position to make a valid comparison with The Sound of Musicals at the Embassy Skegness on the following Sunday.

There is absolutely no doubt that Janice Sutton Productions are outstanding and having brought four coaches every year for over ten years the hundred in our party on Sunday were again at a loss to understand how, time and time again, the young people of Skegness from the Janice Sutton School of Dance perform such fantastic shows.

Everyone taking part in the show was talented, enthusiastic, and obviously enjoying themselves giving performances equal to any professional production.

The dedication of the cast is matched by the gifted design, colour, and quality of the costumes and Skegness should be justly proud of what are probably the very best none professional shows in the Country.

On behalf of our members. I would like to thank everyone involved in the show for giving us such an exciting and enjoyable evening.

No prizes for guessing who will be the first hundred to book the next show.

The comparison? The cast of the Sound of Musicals won by an unforgettable mile.


Organiser of the Spalding 50+ Sports & Social Club.