LETTERS: Don’t expect golden era in Skegness

Artist's impression of the Premier Inn in Skegness. ANL-160729-113529001

I’ve heard some intriguing predictions about Skegness, but a future as a ‘coastal powerhouse’ has to be the most comical.

Leaving aside that ‘powerhouse’ tends to be little more than an executive buzzword to conjure up enthusiasm, are we to believe that a Premier Inn and a second KFC are enough to herald the start of some kind of golden era?

We were told by East Lindsey District Council in a public meeting at the start of all this that Premier Inn ‘do not generate footfall; they thrive off existing footfall’.

Let’s keep in mind, before we celebrate the arrival of a big brand name, that this name is likely to take trade away from smaller, independent hotels, whose owners and staff are the real ambassadors of Skegness and rely heavily on this trade for their livelihoods.

Creating 90 jobs doesn’t seem such a boon when you balance it against the jobs that could be lost if Premier Inn thrives at their expense.

A great many of our loyal visitors enjoy Skegness the way it is. We’re not a brand name city, we’re a friendly little seaside town and, if we start building up our green spaces, then we take away that open and relaxing ambience that so many enjoy.

Jim Hardaker


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