LETTER: Yes to Aldi, but no to the pub


Whilst I accept and support the reasoning behind the development of an additional ‘low cost’ retailer, Aldi, within Skegness I question why the proposed site should include a further two retail units and a public house.

As a long term resident in the town I am only too aware and agree with comments made suggesting the town centre area, Lumley Road and the High Street, are experiencing a reduction in trade on a year on year basis as Skegness looses its attractiveness to many national chains and in addition shopping trends change, other than of course charity shops which do an excellent job, but come on planners ‘get a grip’ why so many?

Why create another retail sales area on Burgh Road? Should we not seek to attract companies to the centre of town?

With regard to the proposed Marstons family pub, is it not a fact that over the past five years numerous public houses are closing on a weekly basis throughout our nation, not only independents but brewery owned pubs also? We are fortunate in the Skegness area that public houses have additional income each summer season to sustain them. We have professional well run public houses in that immediate area, The Ship and The Welcome Inn. It seems that in the current financial climate consideration to other businesses should form a major part when considering such planning applications.

Aldi - yes, additional retail units and a public house - no.

David J. Charles

Via email