Letter: Wind farm plan is a waste of our money

EDITOR - I write with regards to your front page story Windfarms on the March from the Skegness Standard of February 16.

The comment made by Charlotte Healey, principal developer at RWE, amazes me and I think most other people who live in the area.

Following the rejection of their application for planning permission to build a windspeed measuring mast near Wainfleet St Mary, RWE have successfully appealed the decision.

Ms Healey states in the article: “An independent planning inspector assessed the impacts on the character and appearance of the surrounding area and concluded the mast would not harm an otherwise unspoilt landscape”.

There’s a clue in that sentence - our landscape is currently otherwise unspoilt, and we want to keep it that way. So what does she think the planner would say to the building of four wind turbines, each 127m tall, in this otherwise unspoilt landscape?

Does she think it might spoil it a bit? Does she think it might therefore stand no chance of permission being granted?

With subsidies paid to developers like RWE for these windfarms, we the consumer are currently paying large additional subsidies on our electricity bills for a planning application made for turbines which surely will fail, what with them being substantially bigger and having a far greater impact than a slender met mast.

What a waste of our money.


Welton le Marsh