Letter: Wild campers should obey laws for the benefit of all


I feel I must respond to your article, dated March. 26.

I was the County Counc for Alford, Sutton on Sea, for 8 years, until May 2013.

Huttoft car terrace is situated within this area and as the counc I had numerous complaints from local residents and people, both visiting and holidaying in the area.

The complaints were mainly to do with the way the ‘wild campers’ were parking their vehicles/motor homes, parallel to the sea front, taking up several places each, this included on some occasions, putting weld mesh fencing up to enclose an area solely for their use,

In fact, the picture you have in the paper relative to this article clearly shows the motor homes parallel to the sea, this is very selfish and shows no regard for other people who may wish to park facing the sea and enjoy the view.

There was also the problem of the disposal of the human waste which was on many occasions being dumped in the sand dunes, which was clearly unacceptable.

Myself and other local people who tried to get onto the terrace were verbally threatened on more than one occasion and I am aware of damage which was caused to vehicles of people who complained.

Some of these wild campers stayed year round and one person even set up a business for fitting replacement windows.

In a nut shell, the by laws were sought for and approved because of the unacceptable behaviour of a few, there are many basic, very cheap caravan camping sites in the area, where people who wish can have camping in the “wild” experience, travel to and enjoy the terrace in the daytime, but they don’t want that, these selfish free loaders want to come and spoil a beautiful resource and deny anyone else having the use of it.

They may get away with the odd night here and there, but those who want to stay for longer I am sure the council will be taking to court.

These people who claim to be hard done to want to tell the truth and more importantly obey the laws they are there for the benefit of all.

Graham Marsh