LETTER: Why was shopping centre closed on such a busy day?


On Boxing Day I was confused as to why the Hildreds Centre was closed.

I ventured out to brave the cold weather and hordes of bargain hunters to find that the only retail outlet that I came to visit, Game, was forcibly closed due to the shopping centre not opening its doors on one of the busiest retailing opportunities of the 

Skegness’ high street has taken a heavy blow during the recession and large retail chains are slowly dissolving.

I, along with hundreds more consumers that approached the doors to find them shut and inadequately notified, feel it distressing.

I see constant opposition towards the development of Skegness, for example the new hotel complex. We need to evolve our own mentality if we ever want to see real development and money being injected into this seaside resort.

Why must I venture miles away when I wish to do some shopping?

I would much rather my cash be spent here!

A. Smith

Via email