Letter: Why was ELDC meeting held away from Chapel?

EDITOR - I received a letter from East Lindsey District Council, informing me of a meeting regarding the proposed new surgery at Chapel St Leonards.

It is very kind of them to inform me, but this meeting is taking place in Louth - why Louth and not Chapel?

Could it be that the last time the Beacon Medical Practice had a meeting they had a rough ride from the residents and they thought by having it miles away, they hope local people would not attend?

Then they will state “We had a meeting and very few people turned up”.

I accept ELDC use any ploy they can, but I wish they would not insult my intelligence by this ruse.

Like all councils, they will attempt to blind us with unintelligible claptrap, but I say you aren’t clever enough to fool us Chapel folk!


Chapel St Leonards