Letter: Who is author?

EDITOR - May I ask through the paper, who is Peter Green? His letters appear seemingly on a weekly basis, giving his opinions on everything Skegness, yet his address is given as Louth.

Perhaps he is a businessman, who has businesses here, but Skegness seems to be the bane of his life at all times!

Last week, he wrote that people who put themselves in life-threatening situations deserve to be left to die, and various life saving organisations should be scrapped except the RAF helicopters (which perhaps come free to the tax payer?) as he advocates no more donations to life saving charitable organisations. These remarks I found offensive.

This week he gives his no doubt valued opinion on Lumley Road and the seafront. Is there nothing in his home town to interest him, or is it perfect there?

Just this week we have seen tributes to a great lifelong member of the Lifeboat, Joel Grunnill, and such remarks are an insult to this wonderful man.

Our life-saving organisations are wonderful, giving of their free time and show extreme bravery in adverse situations many of us would run away from.

Let us hope Mr Green never needs any of them!

PAT PHILLIPS, Park Avenue, Skegness.