Letter: When the north wind blows...

EDITOR - This year, our flood defence could be put to the test due to some very high spring tides in January.

On January 22, at 7.45pm, a high tide of seven to six metres is expected, and that will be beaten in February at 7.30pm with a high tide of seven to nine metres, making it a very big spring tide.

Also, in March, at 7.11pm, there will be another spring tide of seven to eight metres.

We all hope the weather will be good to us, because a north-west or north-east gale could really put us all in trouble.

It is 58 years ago since 1953, and we all know what happened on January 31.

These tides are bigger than the spring tide of that year - in that year the tide was 7.2 metres, but add the storm surge on top of that height, which made it 8.5 metres in that year.

If the same situation happened on the tides expected this year it would take the height up to nine metres, so let’s hope the weather is kind to us, with no north-west or north-east gales.


Dorothy Avenue