Letter: Water waste of cash

EDITOR - On Wednesday, March 9, the environment agency had an exercise called Watermark.

It was interesting to know that two artic lorries brought a portable flood defence in, which they took more than two hours to build.

I asked them what they would do for us, and they said it was being done to stop rivers when they flood from heavy rain, so they can prevent water flooding homes.

The men who put up the defence were from Nottingham and Lincoln. These people were from places inland and know nothing about sea or tides.

I would like answers as to how much this exercise cost when it will not benefit the east coast or towns near the sea.

Also, we pump sand off the sea bed and put it on the beach from Mablethorpe as far as Trunch Lane at Ingoldmells.

The tides travel north to south and every year it always lands at Skegness, still leaving Mablethorpe and up to as far as Winthorpe still unprotected.

It cost £85m in five years to do this. It’s about time the environment agency took more notice of people who live by the sea.

To me, this exercise was a total waste of taxpayer’s money.


Dorothy Avenue