LETTER: Very happy memories


My name is Mrs Joan Atkinson, now aged 91 years old.

I am the lady on the far left in a cloak in your picture, in Skegness Standard April 15 - celebrating the Jolly Fisherman’s 75th birthday.

I clearly remember the excursion in 1983, as I was 59 years old on April 8 the following day and it was my birthday treat.

Arriving at Kings Cross we were met by lots of passengers dressed for the period.

As we passed through the stations and stopped at Peterborough, we were greeted by people on the platforms.

Also the crowds waiting at Skegness were amazing to see and we felt like someone famous. My husband Norman and I had a wonderful day, also spending it with my parents and sisters. We even had a paddle in the sea, it was a very memorable day.

Joan Atkinson

Via email