Letter: Unfair criticism only sours relations

EDITOR - I write in response to comments made by Coun George Saxon in relation to your article in last week’s edition about the gritting of ELDC car parks.

Coun Saxon states the announced plans are proof of ELDC’s neglect of the town of Skegness, as they are gritting six car parks in Louth, as opposed to the two in Skegness.

He terms the plan as a disgrace.

If only he had done his homework prior to making these comments!

If he had, he would have identified that the two car parks in Skegness provide approximately 350 car parking spaces, whilst the six in Louth provide just 240.

That fact to me does not show any evidence or proof of neglect. Quite the opposite in fact.

I would suggest that ELDC should be praised for providing this initiative and providing a level of car parking within Skegness that is over and above those provided in Louth.

I am all for town councillors batting for Skegness, but I do wish they would do that without levelling undue and unfair criticism at other local authorities.

This only serves to sour relations between them.

I am sure that as a councillor, George Saxon could have accessed this information far more easily than I could have done.


Derby Avenue