Letter: Time to say goodbye to old Parade

EDITOR - Recently, the Standard asked ‘How can more jobs be created?’

The answer is immediate demolition - or permitted alterations - to the town’s most disgraceful set of properties, the whole of South Parade.

Change these shabby, revolting buildings into shops, cafes, etc. Replace beds of weeds with an urgently needed multi-storey car park, with provision of places for lost children/first aid/police/etc.

Build a giant covered sandpit at the side of it, similar to Lidstones, which attracts thousands of mums from a huge area.

Remember, their children are our future visitors, and prosperity.

My very essential suggestions would create jobs for the building trade/shop assistants/etc.

The new South Parade would be the best magnet Skegness ever had, attracting millions.

It’s time to say goodbye to the old South Parade, and good riddance to several spineless, lazy and blind councillors, who have allowed Skegness to become so stagnant.


Grimsby Road