Letter: Time for councillors to pull finger out and resolve this terrible situation

EDITOR - For several years now, a barren building site in the prime area of Skegness, Grand Parade, has remained undeveloped.

Time for the council to force a change. If not, why not?

The council should instantly grant permission for all property owners in South Parade to change this town’s biggest eyesore into shops, cafes, etc.

Then, Skegness could boast of a nice, long seafront instead of such a scruffy one.

The idea of pedestrianising Lumley Road is plain stupid. The only way out of the town centre would be via Saxby Avenue. This would mean a massive daily gridlock.

Time to summons the numerous obstruction motorists, who offend on a daily basis, in many of our streets.

Ambulances to Skegness hospital turning into Dorothy Avenue from Lincoln Road are being held up for several minutes, because of parked vehicles on both sides of Dorothy Avenue, and oncoming drivers not giving way or unable to do so. Disgraceful!

The council must make Dorothy Avenue a no waiting area immediately and put out temporary no waiting boards.

Time for all councillors to pull their finger out about this terrible situation.


Grimsby Road