Letter: Think before you vote

EDITOR - Your report in last week’s Standard, regarding the costcutting required by ELDC in response to the directive from the coalition government was most interesting.

Coun Davie is quoted as saying “The government has failed to protect the communities it promised it would”.

I was under the impression Coun Davie was the leading light in the local Conservative party. Surely his position now is untenable and he will have to resign and join one of the other groups on the council.

We are told there will be more belt tightening resulting in reduced refuse collections, markets, etc, all core services for the majority of rate payers.

At a stroke, the biggest saving could be made by the selling off of the Meridian Centre in Louth, for a peppercorn price.

This would save the council between one and two million pounds per year, quite different to nibbling at the edges.

The council cannot say they cannot sell this off as they have already agreed to sell Jubilee Park in Woodhall for £1, after proposing to spend £700,000 to bring it up to standard.

It is time the councillors realised it is the rate payers’ money they are spending and not money from the magic money pot.

Very soon elections will be upon us and your councillors will be telling you how they have worked for you in the previous four years.

I know the memory can play tricks but not as many as ELDC is doing with your money.

I would ask you to remember what has happened before you commit your vote in May.